Bryan Ashley has long been committed to developing and implementing environmentally responsible procedures throughout all phases of the manufacturing process, as well as protecting and preserving natural resources around the globe. We believe that being eco-friendly and manufacturing beautiful, functional, and durable furniture are not mutually exclusive concepts.


We are proud to report that we continuously institute a variety of environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies and innovative plant management procedures to conserve energy and reduce waste at our production facilities.


At our manufacturing facilities around the world, we purchase raw materials from local suppliers and from indigenous and renewable sources. We partner only with vendors who are equally committed to the highest production standards, while also adhering to international environmental laws and regulations.


The woods we use are harvested by suppliers who regularly reseed their lands. Our lumber vendors use advanced reforestation and land management techniques. We do not use wood from old growth forests or rainforests. Bamboo is one of the rapidly renewable resources that we incorporate into many of our pieces; It is naturally fast-growing and self-replenishing in managed groves.


Wherever possible, we use natural or natural/synthetic composites, included in such components as fabrics, leather, and thread; CFC-free foam in our upholstered seating; and bio-degradable packing materials. All of our MDF substrates are made from post-consumer recyclable materials. The hardware, door knobs and handles on our case goods are made from salvaged and reprocessed metals.


The Waterfall Finishing System is among our featured innovative finishing techniques. In this technique, all of the excess finish chemicals from the spray guns are recaptured and reused, as opposed to released into the environment.


The sanding departments in all of our factories use Dust Collection Systems to reduce airborne contaminants within the building and to maintain clean and healthy working conditions for the production staff.


As part of our standard recycling program, we reuse shipping pallets and reclaim packing materials and corrugated paper. This results in significant reductions in waste which would otherwise be headed to a landfill. It also reduces the fuel consumption that would have otherwise been necessary to dispose of these materials. Scrap wood and cutoffs are used in furnaces to heat the buildings in the winter. During the remainder of the year, they are sent to recyclers to be processed into mulch.


When shipping finished products or receiving raw materials, we try to schedule back hauls to encourage fuel conservation and avoid deadhead runs.


At the specifiers’ request, we offer our Special Green Program, designed for those properties where an even higher level of attention to sustainable issues must be paid. We use the following:


  • Recycled veneers
  • Formaldehyde-free substrates
  • Water-based adhesives
  • Water-based solvents, stains and finishes


Our non-production related efforts to reduce the amount of waste produced by our business extend even into our sales department. By offering our catalog online and on CD, we can service our customers through technology and conserve paper by printing fewer catalogs.


Bryan Ashley diligently and proactively works to identify and reduce the environmental impact of our operations, achieve the highest levels of operational efficiencies, and implement practices which conserve and protect our natural resources.


Our goal is to minimize our footprint on the environment while increasing the impression we make on our customers for producing the most comfortable and creative furniture. In a world where thinking green is no longer a fad or catchphrase, but a moral imperative, we are doing our part to sustain nature’s irreplaceable resources for ourselves, our children and the myriad of species with which we share this planet.